Greece 1940: The antifascist struggles of yesterday. Turtle Island 2012: The necessity of struggle today.

The capitalist crisis of 2008 brought class struggle to a new level of intensity. In Greece, the EU country most hit by the crisis, devastating policies are imposed to large sections of society. These expose the organic ties between neoliberalism and fascism, best seen in the meteoric rise of Golden Dawn. A true fascist party, Golden Dawn is involved in routine acts of violence and has recently started appearing in Greek diaspora.

Join us on Sunday the 28th, on Ohi Day, the anniversary of Greece’s entry to World War II to:

  • Learn about the actions of Greek fascists in Greece and North America.
  • Discuss different perspectives on the fascist phenomenon and its relation to the crisis,
  • Relate, compare and contrast the history and the effects of the current capitalist crisis in Greece and North America.


  • Antonis Tsopelas (Association of Greek Canadian Veterans of the National Resistance 1941-45)
  • Nikos Gryspolakis (Occupy Montreal)
  • David McNally (York University)

Where: OISE, room 2211 (map:

When:  Sunday, October 28th, 6.00pm

With support from:


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